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Welcome to LDdanceCompany.com

LD Company is a group of professional dancers dedicated to providing excellent entertainment through a wide variety of dance styles.

Our goal is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients by presenting memorable shows. We have amazing dancers from all over world who contribute their diverse cultural backgrounds to help create our unique performances. .

Our styles range from hip hop, jazz, tap, samba axe, samba carnival, salsa, merengue, bachata, belly Dance and more.
Every member of LD Company is able to perform and teach each style.

We offer our services for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, night clubs, concerts, videos, workshops, weddings, or any of your special occasions!

Passion, dedication, and taking risks has led us to success and has helped us realize our dreams. LD Company meets each new opportunity with professionalism and humility to continue achieving our goals.








LD Mini Divas

Ages 6-12. This FUN and Exciting Dance group is perfect for your little one! It blends the basics of Latin Dance and Hip-Hop together with flexibility and aerobic training for a FUN experience for YOUR child... AND in a way that your child can learn fast!  This program will build a strong foundation in Dance that your child will use as she gets older!  The class also includes entertaining games, stretches, and your daughter will also get the opportunity to perform in several FREE performances each year!  This course provides a solid foundation for students who wish to continue their dancing ability to a higher level! 


LD Teen Team

Girls all levels and ages 13-17 are welcome to join!   From the newest of beginners to the most advanced.  There will be dances in all categories for every level...hip hop, salsa, samba, axe, and production!  Everyone will have an opportunity to start fresh at the beginning of the season and build the skills needed to perform.  Previous formal dance training is not required for membership. If you are "coachable", committed, and willing to work hard at practice and on your own, you can become a member of the LD Teen Team. For the more advanced student, being on the team is a wonderful opportunity to challenge and grow ones existing practice and stretch ones abilities to new heights!

LD Pro Team

Female and Male Professional Dancers ages 18-35 years old. The goal is to work International and National. All jobs are Paid. Need to be Super fit and have Dance trainning. Rehersals and Classes are Mandatory to take.Need to be commited and Responsable.

The BENEFITS of being on the Dance Team include: Increased self-confidence, increased stamina, physical fitness, coordination and strength, musicality, build teamwork skills, discipline, create new friendships and become comfortable at performing in large groups. This is a fun, rewarding and creative opportunity to perform and showcase in a safe and positive environment. 


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