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Samba is the most internationally recognized music and dance form from Brazil. Samba is a patchwork of many cultural elements pieced together from Africa, Europe, and the indigenous people of Brazil. Developed in Bahia and brought to Rio De Janeiro by people of African descent, Samba spread to all levels of Brazilian society.

There are many different styles of Samba music and dance in Brazil. In this instructional DVD Lucia Dargam from LD Dance Company  teaches the sexy, and exciting Samba from Rio De Janeiro," CARNAVAL". She demonstrates the basic footwork, Samba 1-2-3 , "Arms" ,Posture, and also "Shake the Bunda " were she will teach you how to shake it LD Style. To finish it, a MIX of everything you've learn and a SPECIAL BONUS to have a Taste of Samba Brazil!ian Carnaval!

What are you waititng for? Get yours NOW, and lets SAMBA with LD DANCE COMPANY!


Price: $20 + Free Samba CD Music
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